Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brain Pain : How Does Brain Feel Pain

Brain Pain : How Does Brain Feel Pain. The human brain is the driver of our nervous system. We sense pain and other things because of our brain. But, there are actually no pain receptors in the brain. The pain signals are generated by nerves and sent to the brain through spinal cord. There is ongoing research to know more and more about our brains and how they sense pain.

How we sense pain : Our nerves are distributed throughout the body. They end up on organs, in the skin and other useful places. All nerves emerge from the central nerve called the spinal cord. It is enclosed in the spine. This goes and joins the brain. Pain signals or any other signals are generated by the nerves whenever there is pain. This signal travels up to the brain, where specific regions of the brain understand the signal and send response back to the nerves . This response makes us do the things we do when we are in pain. These responses include voluntary responses ( the ones we can control ) and involuntary responses ( one's that are purely in the hands of the brain ).

There are studies going to investigate the response of brain to pain. Chronic pain has been known to seriously impact the quality of life of a person. It can lead to stress . The brain may undergo some changes because of chronic pain for many years. Migraine is one such pain . It is hoped that with research, it can be deduced how to alter the pain feelings or lower the impact of pain. One such idea is to improve the pain bearing capacity of the person. Then he or she becomes more averse to pain and it creates less discomfort.

A lot of people worldwide suffer from chronic pains like back pain, headache, neck pain, sciatica, nerve pains and other pain due to serious diseases like cancer. Pain is really powerful feeling.

With more developments and understanding of how brain and nervous system work together, it could be possible to lower the impact of chronic or acute pain on body. Almost every culture or civilization has had its own health system and medication was mainly done through herbs. Some herbs are believed to be natural pain killers. There are many of them in every region of earth. research can provide insights to the active chemicals in these herbs and how efficient they can be to minimize pain.

The brain works to analyze pain and let us know how intense it is. But, what happens if the brain itself is in pain ? The brain can feel its own pain and convey it. A less common disease that causes brain pain is brain tumor. We generally get headaches in our head. Most of them are benign issues, but a headache can also be a symptom of brain tumor. Brain pain may also be felt as a deep pain which seems sharp and flashing. This may be a sign of serious brain disease. So, it should be checked by a doctor.