Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buttock Pain Causes And Home Remedies

Buttock Pain Causes And Home Remedies .Buttock pain can make sitting and working uncomfortable. Buttock pain can be caused due to bone, muscle or nerve problems and it can be mild or severe. Most of the times, buttock pain is referred pain, that is the pain is occurring somewhere else and is being felt in the buttock. One of them is hip pain, which is to the side of the buttock pain.

Causes of buttock pain : 

  • Muscle Pull : In doing our daily tasks, we may inevitable pull a muscle. The muscle is stretched more than usual, which can cause pain. The common muscles that can get pulled are gluteus maximus and hamstring. This is common in sports which are intense, like rugby. 
  • Sitting For A Long Time : If you have been sitting on a hard surface for a long time, it can cause numbness and sore buttock. This pain can go away with massage.
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain or Sciatica : This pain inflicts many people. It is a sharp traveling pain caused by the sciatic nerve. This pain starts at the back and travels through the buttock down to the legs and feet. It can occur in either buttock. This condition is the major cause of pain in the buttock and legs.
  • Bone Problems : Pain in the tailbone or pain in the sacroiliac joint of the buttock region can easily cause pain in the buttock. These bone pains are generally caused by fractures and dislocations. They are generally not as excruciating as other fractures but such pain should not be neglected. 
  • Pain due to plaque deposition in arteries : This condition is not generally suspected for buttock pain. But, there can be pain in buttocks due to constricted blood flow. Certain diseases like diabetes are known to increase plaque build up in arteries. Plaque can also get deposited because of high cholesterol levels. This narrows the arteries and makes it difficult for blood to flow, coupled with blood pressure problems. 
  • Trigger Points or Muscle Knots : These are some special points or locations in the body that are more vulnerable to pain. These points can cause pain without any other reason. 
  • Bursitis : Bursa is the fluid that lubricates regions of contact in the body, like joints. Bursa may get inflamed due to disease and cause intense pain. 
  • Arthritis : This inflammatory disease can strike the joints at the hips and lower back, leading to buttock pain. 
  • Defecation problems like piles, constipation etc can also cause pain in buttock area.
What to do for Buttock Pain ?
There are some home remedies that can relieve buttock pain.
  • Tennis Ball for knots : Placing tennis balls and sitting on them helps to relieve pain caused by muscle knots. Tennis balls are soft and buckle easily under pressure, so they massage the muscles. 
  • Exercise : If the buttock pain is due to extended sitting, then get up and start moving. If you cannot go out, then try extension exercises at your seat. 
  • Pressure on the buttocks : Lay down on your back and let someone press on the lower back and legs. This alleviates residual stresses in muscles and tendons, providing relief. 
  • Try Dancing : High intensity dance exercises are great for building up strength of buttock muscles and shaping them. It does not pose risk for injury and is a good way to exercise the body without additional stress.