Thursday, March 14, 2013

Constipation Pain And Relief Using Home Remedies

Constipation Pain And Relief Using Home Remedies. Pain due to constipation can be felt in the abdomen, lower back and at the bladder. It can also cause rectal pain. Constipation can make it much harder for stool to pass. It affects a lot of people and is a common problem. Constipation can happen sometimes but if it is chronic, one should visit the doctor and get tips to prevent it in future.

Constipation Pain can be of various types. It can be felt in different areas and be very uncomfortable.

  • Lower Abdomen : Constipation generally produces pain in the abdomen. It can be a constant pain with heaviness in the belly. Constipation may lead to stool being left in the large intestine which can harden and cause severe pain. Bloating can also occur. In constipation, people may exert a lot of pressure to pass the stool, which can cramp the abdominal muscles. There can be pain in upper belly also, around the stomach.
  • Bladder Pain : Constipation can also cause bladder pain, at the lower end of the abdomen. Some people may also have pain in passing urine. 
  • Lower Back Pain : The constipation pain may aggravate back pain in some people. It can be felt as heaviness or tightness at the back or the sides. 
  • Complications like hemorrhoids can happen because of constipation and they can get very painful. Rectal pain is usually a sign of complicated problem. 
 Constipation should be treated quickly. If the stool gets hardened in the colon, the pain can get severe and there may be colic type of pain. This can happen in children .

Getting Relief from constipation and pain. There are a lot of remedies to relieve constipation. But, the pain also needs to be addressed.
  • Prune Juice : Taking the juice of prunes can really help with constipation pain. It can also promote bowel movement and relieve the constipation. 
  • Molasses With Milk : Taking a small amount of molasses ( about a tbsp ) with warm milk can relieve constipation and also reduce the pain. 
  • Olive Oil : This oil is a natural laxative. Drink about a tbsp of olive oil. It can lead to diarrhea but it can relieve constipation. Do not take olive oil if the pain is severe. Take it only in mild constipation.
If your constipation pain is severe, it is best to go to a doctor. In that case, an enema is the fastest way to get relief from pain. But, this is not a long term solution for this problem and one should use natural home remedies that help in relieving chronic constipation. Prune juice is one of the best home remedies for constipation. Generally, taking more water and eating more fruits really helps with constipation.
Back Pain that is worsened by constipation can get much better when you have had a proper bowel movement. Lower back pain can also be relieved by massaging the back with olive oil in a downward direction. This can also induce a bowel movement and provide relief from constipation.