Sunday, March 24, 2013

Herbal Pain Relief : Natural and Effective

Herbal Pain Relief : Natural and Effective. Herbs for chronic pains like joint pain due to arthritis, back pain, muscle pains or nerve pain. Most chronic pains are caused due to imbalances in the body. Chronic pain can respond well to herbs and essential oils. The only thing that one should be wary about is that herbs may interfere with medication.
These are the best natural herbs for a herbal pain relief.

White Willow Bark
Bark of the white willow tree is a natural pain reliever. It works just like a pain reliever to reduce the sensation of pain for some time. White willow bark is effective on arthritis pain, muscular pain and other kinds of pain as well.

Just as its name suggests, the feverfew herb is known for its powerful effect in reducing fever and headache.

Taking ginger in tea is one of the best natural herbal remedy for arthritis. Ginger works well against arthritic pain, but it takes some time to show its effects. All you have to do is take a small chunk of ginger, piece it up and add it to boiling water while making any tea. It adds a gingery taste and pepper element in tea.

Chewing fennel is good for relieving spasm and muscular pains. It is also great for digestion and thus reduces digestive troubles.

Chilli Peppers
Chillies are a potent spice which is easily available in the house. It can be helpful in the painful skin condition that is caused by nervous disorders in the body. Application of chilli on the affected skin may cause pain initially but the pain may reduce with time. Chilli peppers can reduce the sensations of pain that the nerves produce.

This soothing flowering herb is used to soothe the mind and provide relaxation. It can lessen the severity of any pain that the body experiences and help the person to sleep.

Black Currant
This fruit is eaten for its tangy tart taste. The seeds of black currant are rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid ( GLA ). This is a healthy fatty acid that is helpful in reducing nerve pains ( like the ones caused by diabetes ). These benefits can also be availed by eating black currants.It is potent in relieving the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and arthritis.

Arnica Flower Oil
This is a flower resembling the sunflower. It's natural oil is a powerful pain reliever in injuries. When it is applied quickly after an injury, a fracture, dislocation etc it can provide quick relief from the excruciating pain.

Castor Oil
This oil is commonly used as a herbal laxative. But, it is also useful on chronic pains like that of arthritis. Castor oil, when applied over a long period can slowly start to provide relief from chronic pain.

Devil's Claw
The tuber of this herb has been long renowned as a sure remedy for arthritis. It was extensively used in the past. The herb can be taken as a tea. Its effects can be slow to emerge, but it is a herbal remedy for arthritis and gout.

Passion Flower
This flowering herb is good for the nervous system. It supports the body in relaxing properly and getting a good night's sleep. This can reduce pain due to nervous disorders, like neuralgia. Passion flower has some side effects for pregnant women, so it should not be taken by them.