Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hip Pain Relief With Stretches and Yoga

Hip Pain Relief With Stretches and Yoga . Pain in the hip and surrounding areas like waist, back, groin and leg can be reduced with stretches and yoga for it. Most common causes of hip pain are injuries. In sports that require you to twist a lot, hip injuries can happen. Sports and activities like basketball, dance and ice skating can cause stress on the hips. But, there can be many other causes of hip pain, and it can also be a result of a disease.

Hip Pain can compromise your motion. It can cause pain while walking also. In this case, you should lie down and relax. No matter what the cause of your hip pain, you can get some relief by doing light stretches and exercise. Do not try tough stretches as this may further strain your hip muscles and bones and make the pain worse.

Light Stretches for Hip Pain Relief 

  • Flexor Stretching exercises can be of help to reduce the pain. The easiest hip flexor stretch is to sit on your knees and bring one leg forward. One of your legs is on a knee and the other is stretched, forming a right angle. 
  • Heel Slide : Place your entire legs straight on the floor. Slowly move on foot to the side of the other leg near the knee and hold for some time. Then do this with the other heel. It is an easy stretch for the hip with little exertion. 
  • Quadricep Stretch : Stand upright, then hold one leg at the ankle and place it on your bottom. Do not stretch the leg too much by taking it towards the back. Keep the stretch light and easy to prevent any further damage to your hip muscles and tendons. 
If you experience pain in any of these stretches, try doing some other stretches. The idea is that stretching improves elasticity of the muscular and skeletal system and may help your hip to recover faster. You can also do Yoga poses like the King Pigeon, Tortoise and Joyful Baby "asanas". If yoga doesn't cause pain, it can be great for hip pain relief. However, do not try advanced yoga poses as they are very tough and can cause a lot of strain on the hip area.

Other Things You Can Do For Hip Pain Relief At Home :
  • Apply Ice : Rub some ice on the affected area in gentle motion till you are unable to bear the burning sensation of ice. Then take some rest. 
  • Place warm cotton pads : If you are finding discomfort and pain in stretching, then warm up your hip joint with warm cotton pads. 
Other Causes of Hip Pain : There are some causes of hip pain which generally do not get well with rest and stretching. They need medical attention .
  • Severe Injury : If you have injured your hip badly, or you heard a popping sound and now it is paining awful, you should take medical help. Fractures and joint injuries can be very painful. 
  • Pain because of Arthritis : This kind of hip pain can be chronic. Arthritis is a common problem among old people. This sort of pain can only go away by treating arthritis itself. 
  • Pain From Somewhere Else : Lower back pain can radiate to the hips. Other pain like groin pain and hernia can also cause hip pain and difficulty in movement. 
  • Overweight : If your body weight has increased, it can put pressure on the hips. Try to reduce this excess weight. 
  • Bone disorders : Lack of calcium can lead to weaker bones. There are some bone diseases which can make bones less dense, weaker and more prone to pain because of stiffness at the joints. 
  • Pain due to the nerves : Pinched nerves can be a common cause of hip pain. It will generally be a sharp pain which may feel like needles. It may also extend way down to your legs. 
Hip pain can get a lot better with rest. So, avoid straining it and relax. When you start to feel better, do some stretching and it may get even more better.