Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kidney Pain Symptoms, Location And Causes

Kidney pain is a symptom of serious kidney disease. Kidneys are a vital organ of the body. They perform the utmost important job of filtering blood and eliminating wastes from body as urine. Any problem to the kidneys severely compromises this function making the body ill. Kidney pain is often mistaken for back pain, because it occurs at the back. But, there are some differences in the symptoms of kidney pain and back pain that can be used to detect kidney pain.

Kidney Pain Location : Where is Kidney Pain located ? A common thing that people believe is that kidneys are located in the lower back region. But, there are actually not that far down. Kidneys are located on either side of the middle back, near the rib cage. So, this is the actual place where kidney pain occurs. Kidney pain is often a sharp pain in the middle back and in the sides ( flanks ) however it may not always be the case.

Kidney Pain Causes :
There are many causes of kidney pain.

  • Kidney Stone Pain : This pain is not actually kidney pain. It is the pain caused by stones in the urinary system. This pain is felt in the lower abdomen and groin. 
  • Kidney Infection : An infection of the kidney can cause kidney pain. 
  • Kidney Disease : There are some diseases which can cause renal failure. Diabetes is one of them. High blood pressure for a long time can also cause kidney problems. Other serious diseases like lupus and cancer also cause kidney malfunction and kidney pain. 
Kidney Pain Symptoms : 
The kidney is a robust organ. It generally shows no severe pain. Kidney pain feels like back pain. There are some symptoms however which can  indicate that there is something wrong with the kidneys and that the back pain is actually kidney pain.
  • Urine changes : The urine often gets disrupted in kidney pain. There can be too infrequent urine or too much urination. Look for changes in urine color, smell or pain when passing urine. If you see blood in urine, visit the hospital or a doctor immediately. 
  • Other symptoms like fever, chills, nausea, vomiting or extreme fatigue. 
Good kidney health is essential for staying healthy. Regular back pain would hardly cause vomiting or fever. These are more signs of kidney pain. One should keep drinking proper amounts of water and other fluids to keep kidney healthy.