Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kneecap Pain Causes And Remedies

Kneecap Pain Causes And Remedies. Kneecap Pain is really troublesome. Pain in the kneecap or just around the kneecap makes it very difficult to move. Some activities like even sitting can be painful. Other than that, some activities like jumping, running, kneeling or twisting the leg may be extremely painful. However, most causes of kneecap pain are temporary ones and it can resolve in a few days.

Kneecap pain is often caused by excessive stress of the knee joint and the structures that shape the joint. There is a whole network of tendons, muscles, ligaments and nerves that form the joint with the bones and the patella ( the kneecap ) . Sportsperson are often troubled with kneecap pain. The sports which pose a higher risk for such pain are football, basketball, skiing, jumping sports and tennis.

Pain on the kneecap happens when you have bumped your knee onto a hard surface. The kneecap is a support bone for the movement. It causes deep pain for some time if the kneecap has been hit.

Pain below the kneecap or above the kneecap is generally caused by Runner's knee. This condition is common in runners and other athletes during endurance sports. Runner's knee is caused by wear and tear of the joint structures around the kneecap, but it gets much better with a R.I.C.E. treatment ( Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation ).

Pain under the kneecap ( underside of the knee ) is often caused by a condition called chondromalacia of the patella. This occurs because the kneecap rubs against one of the bones forming the joint. This kind of pain is most common in skateboarders and swimmers because of the jerking and twisting movements they garner from the knee.

There are other causes of kneecap pain as well. One of them is arthritis, which is common in old age. Arthritis is a disease that most often affects the knee first. So, if you are starting to have knee pain as you age, then it might be arthritis.

Remedies for any kneecap pain : 
The best remedy for kneecap pain is rest. Just take time off from your physical exercise routine or sports and give some waiver to the knees so that they can improve. Our body has an instinctive ability to repair any wear and tear. You can also try these activities to reduce kneecap pain .

  • Strengthen Core Leg Muscles : Many times, a knee pain or kneecap pain may be because the muscles of the legs are not strong enough to bear the stress. Stronger muscles mean lesser chances of pain in the kneecap. So, work out on your thigh muscles, calf, hamstring and iliotibial band. 
  • Massage with essential oils can be healing. This can alleviate pain at the kneecap.
  • Consulting a Physiotherpist : Kneecap pains are quite common. In sports related kneecap problems, phsiotherapists are well versed with possible causes and exercises to reduce that pain. 
If the pain does not go away in 2 or 3 days, or if there is marked swelling, redness or distortion, then visit the doctor. There can be causes like tendonitis or knee dislocation which are causing prolonged kneecap pain.