Friday, March 29, 2013

Knuckle Pain And Swelling : Causes

Knuckle Pain And Swelling : Causes. Knuckles are the joints where the fingers meet the hand. Pain in the knuckles is one of the earliest signs of any kind of arthritis and it should be paid heed to. Knuckle pain makes it very difficult to move the fingers. There is burning pain with every movement. There can also be swelling on the knuckles with redness. Knuckles and toes pain can be the first signs of arthritis building up. There are some other causes of knuckle pain as well.

Causes of knuckle pain and swelling.

  • Arthritis : The most prominent cause of knuckle pain is arthritis. It is a severely inflammatory disease which can inflame and damage the tissues at the joint. It slowly renders the joint rigid and makes movement very painful. Arthritis always causes a characteristic kind of pain. It seems like a deep set pain and it increases with movement. Arthritis pain is initially mild but it worsens over time. You can consult a doctor to know more. This can help to detect arthritis very early and prevent it from becoming more problematic.  
  • Gout : This disease is also like arthritis. Gout predominantly strikes the big toe of the feet. But, it can also affect the joints in the palm causing knuckle pain and swelling. 
  • Psoriasis Arthritis : People who have psoriasis have a higher probability of getting a different type of arthritis. If psoriasis is on the hands, it can cause arthritis in the knuckles. This disease causes swelling and redness around the knuckles. The movement is sore and stiff.
 Arthritis causes a unique kind of joint pain. It is dull pain but the pain increases a lot when one tries to move the joint. In later stages of the disease, the cartilage between the joints gets completely eroded, leaving the bones to rub against one another. This can cause excruciating pain at the joint. Arthritis starts out slowly. The earliest signs of arthritic pain are felt in the knuckles, toes or knees.

Other causes of knuckle pain : 
There can be other causes of knuckle pain other than arthritis.
  • Poor Blood Flow : Sometimes, due to cold or other factors, the blood vessels in the hands may narrow. This reduces blood supply to the fingers, leading to cold hands, bluish nails and even pain in the knuckles. 
  • Diabetes : People who are diabetic also tend to get knuckle pain. This is also one of the many varied effects of diabetes on the body.
Pain in the knuckles that doesn't seem like joint pain can be due to inflammation of the tendons. We are able to move our fingers with the help of tendons. If they are damaged, then it cause tightness and pain around the knuckles, especially when clinching the fist.