Friday, March 29, 2013

Latissimus dorsi Pain And Relief Tips

Latissimus dorsi Pain And Relief Tips. This is the pain that occurs in the latissimus dorsi muscle, commonly known as "lats". Latissimus dorsi muscle pain is often the root cause of back pain and strain in many people, especially body builders. It can be felt as a muscular pain in the back, flanks and the behind of the shoulder.

Where is the Latissimus dorsi muscle ? 
These are the two broadest muscles of the back. Latissimus dorsi muscle is the muscle that covers the greatest region on our back. It connects the spine to the shoulder. Another way to pin point this muscular region is to do boxing. The punching movement stimulates these two muscles on either side. So, you can easily find out which muscle is the latissimus dorsi  muscle.

What does the pain feel like ? Symptoms
Latissimus dorsi pain is just like any other muscle pain. It leads to strain in the back and shoulder. Injury to this muscle can cause pain in simple activities like pulling something down, pulling in front, pushing an object horizontally. This pain can decrease the amount of force that the arms can exert. So, the person starts having pain in doing medium to strenuous levels of activity.

Latissimus dorsi muscle pain is usually caused by overworking. Stress on the muscle can be caused by sitting for very long periods of time, doing exercises like pull ups and chin ups. Sometimes, the muscle may be stretched and become tight. To relieve this pain, one should try to relax the muscle.

How to relieve latissimus dorsi pain ? 
Follow these relief tips. 

  • Lay on the face down. Stretch the arms straight and backwards. This relieves the pressure off this muscle. 
  • Correct the sitting posture : People who protrude the back outwards while sitting may experience this pain. Try to sit in such a way that there is little curvature in the back. 
  • Massage the back : If the pain is due to latissimus dorsi muscle, it can be relieved by massaging this region with a warm oil, like olive oil. 
  • Warm up before exercise : Pain in latissimus dorsi muscle is common is body builders and boxers. To prevent any chances of pain, do warm up before exercise. 
Muscle pain due to weak muscle can be improved if the muscle is made stronger. For this, one needs to eat a high protein diet and exercise. Drink enough water and take more sleep than normal.This routine builds the muscle and makes it more powerful. A stronger muscle is less susceptible to strain or injury.