Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief , Exercises

Sciatic nerve pain relief, exercises. Sciatic nerve pain is a teething pain that starts from the lower back and runs down the legs. This pain and its associated symptoms are called sciatica. Sciatic nerve is a large nerve that starts from spine and goes all the way down to the foot on either side. If it gets pinched or irritated, it can cause a needle pinching pain in the buttocks and back side of a leg. It feels like a sharp electric type sensation which can make a person lose balance.

Sciatic nerve pain can be caused by non serious causes as well as serious causes. Spine and nerve related issues can cause chronic sciatic nerve pain which does not resolve on its own. But, most of the times, it can be due to the following reasons.

  • Wallet In the Back Pocket : Keeping a wallet in the back pocket can lead to pinching of the sciatic nerve. This leads to sciatic nerve pain. 
  • Pregnancy : It is known that pregnancy can cause sciatic nerve pain. 
  • Injury or pulling of the buttock muscles : An injury to muscles can lead to tightness in the muscle. This can irritate the nerve and even pinch it, leading to the pain. 
  • Traveling for long distances : Sitting for long hours in a flight or car without movement can lead to sciatic nerve pain. One should keep moving his or her legs even while sitting. 
If you already have sciatica, then these activities can worsen the pain.
Sciatic nerve pain relief : 

 These things can be tried for sciatic nerve pain relief.
  • Massage : A firm massage of the pain affected region may provide relief. Massage may trigger the pain sometimes, but it can slowly reduce the severity of the sharp pain. 
  • Spine Manipulation : If the sciatic nerve pain is because of some problem with the spine, then this technique can be of great help. Consult a physiotherapist who is skilled in the art of spine manipulation. He or she can correct the problem to a great extent. 
  • Exercise daily : People may shy away from exercise because of the pain. But, doing exercise daily can benefit a lot. 
  • Using an Ice Pack : As soon as you feel the pain starting, apply an ice pack. Keep rubbing it all over the region till the pain subsides. It can provide relief for a small period of time. However, this can't be done when you suffer a painful event in a public place. 
Sciatic nerve pain is a peculiar nerve pain. If it is not caused by a serious spine health issue, then it can be corrected. One should try different things to see if they work to relieve the pain.

Two things that you can do for sciatic nerve pain relief are Yoga and Stretching exercises. As far as yoga is concerned, it is actually difficult to perform at home yourself. And there are chances of injury as well. Yoga should be carried out with the help of an expert trainer. Yoga poses may help to relieve sciatic nerve pain. Besides this, you can also take help of physiotherapists. They are trained in relieving many types of sprains, sports injuries etc and can help with sciatica as well.