Friday, March 29, 2013

Varicose Veins Pain Relief Tips

Varicose veins pain relief tips. Varicose veins are generally not too painful, but they can cause occasional pain. Other than the pain, varicose veins cause a aching in the legs, which makes movement difficult. The pain improves with movement but becomes worse with inactive. Varicose veins pain affects the back of knees, shins, thighs and feet.
Varicose veins may not require treatment. But, people are often baffled on what to do for recurring pain. It becomes part of life. But, there are some little tips that can provide relief from varicose veins pain.

How to relieve varicose veins pain ? 
Try these tips to reduce the severity and frequency of varicose veins pain.

  • Reduce your weight : One is more prone to varicose veins pain if there is extra weight on the legs. You can do this by calculating your BMI, finding the healthy weight range and then working on losing weight. It may take some months to lose weight. But, it can provide a lot of relief from varicose veins related pain. 
  • Keeping the feet moving : The blood has more tendency to stay in the veins if the feet are not moving. So, avoid keeping the legs inactive for long time. If you have to sit at a place and work, keep moving the feet. When standing in a line, keep shifting the weight from one feet to other. 
  • Massaging the legs nicely with a good oil can also help with this pain. It minimizes the varicose veins. 
  • Eat fruits that are high in Vitamin C because it strengthens the walls of the arteries and veins. 
  • Improving the blood flow for some time by taking chilli peppers in diet can also be beneficial. Do not take a lot of chillies as it can cause bowel problems. 
  • Raise your legs slightly while laying down : Whenever you lie down, elevate the legs slightly above the back. 
  • Making the legs stronger : We all have the tendency to slack down. This can make the legs weaker. Try and start doing any sports or activity that strengthens the legs and keeps them toned on a regular basis. One such activity is dancing. 
Varicose veins pain is generally not severe. If the pain doesn't reduce even after doing these things for a few weeks, then it could be because of other reasons. Consult your doctor if the pain shows no improvement.