Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ankle Pain Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Ankle Pain Causes, Symptoms And Treatment. Ankle pain is most often caused by injuries. In case of ankle injury, it is common to see swelling and redness. Ankle is a collection of joints where the leg and foot meet. The complex structure of ankle makes such a unique motion possible. Ankle injury can compromise range of motion. A common complaint that people have is inability to put weight on the leg.

Ankle pain causes and symptoms :

  • Ankle sprain : This is the most common cause of ankle pain. In a sprained ankle, the ligaments are damaged or even torn. In a really bad sprain, there is often huge swelling, bluish black coloration and throbbing pain as the blood flows through the region. We sprain our ankle when it gets twisted or rolled on the outside. In severe sprains, any ligament that join different bones at the ankle may get completely torn. This causes excruciating pain and loss of control over the ankle motion that the ligament controls. 
  • Stomping injury : In this kind of injury, something heavy may fall on the leg and pinch the ligaments. This can cause weakness and a heaviness in foot
  • Ankle joint infection : Microorganisms inside the blood may travel and deposit in the ankle joint. They can cause an infection in the joint which can be seen as redness and tenderness of the skin. Joint may pain badly. Infection may also produce fever and chills. 
  • Arthritis : It causes the typical arthritic pain in the joint. 
  • Diabetic neuropathy : People who suffer from diabetes may have to deal with neuropathy caused by high blood sugar levels. It causes pain in the ankle ( or for that matter any other place in the body) without any reason for pain. Damaged nerves keep sending back pain signals to the brain. The skin may experience pain even with slight touching or by wearing socks etc. 
Ankle pain generally takes a long time to heal. Leaking blood vessels, torn ligaments and swelling make it difficult to move around. But, one should maintain motion to the extent that is possible. It helps the body to heal quickly. 

Home remedies for relief from ankle pain : 
  • Apply Turmeric Paste : Ground turmeric is available as a spice. It can be soaked in water or lemon and applied to the skin as a topical agent. Turmeric can reduce swelling at the site and also promote healing. 
  • Apply Ice repeatedly : Ice is the best remedy against general swelling. Keep applying ice at regular intervals of one hour or so. This process can really help you to reduce swelling by a major amount in a day. 
  • Using peppermint leaves : Peppermint is a plant that has long lasting cooling effect. Once you are done applying ice, apply some crushed peppermint leaves to the swollen area. It can cool the skin and keep it that way for many hours. 
If any home remedy doesn't provide ample relief, then there are other treatment methods. Special exercises like wobble board training are excellent for restoring strength and motion in the feet. Orthopedic braces for the ankle are used when it is needed to protect the ankle for some days. The brace sets the ankle is a relaxed manner and it recuperates slowly. Braces is a basic treatment method. There are other treatment methods for severe conditions like extreme weakness of a ligament.