Sunday, June 2, 2013

Elbow Pain Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Methods

Elbow pain is a common complaint of sportsmen. It is particularly common among batsmen in cricket because of the oblique forces their elbows bear when they play shots. In a way, repetitive stress on the elbow structures can lead to pain, swelling and lack of movement. Elbow pain can be relieved and managed with proper exercises and rest.

Elbow pain causes : These are the major reasons for experiencing elbow pain and the symptoms that show up.

  • Tennis elbow : It is the most common cause of elbow pain worldwide. That is because tennis elbow condition is caused repetitive use of the hand in the same fashion year after year. That is why it is called tennis elbow because tennis players exert tremendous forces on the forearm and elbow. It is actually soreness on the outer side of an elbow. Sometimes, it is visible as swelling. Tennis elbow usually occurs to waiters, batsmen in cricket, racket sports etc. 
  • Golfers elbow : It is an inflammation of the body side of the elbow. One may feel pain in this region of the elbow while flexing the fingers and the wrist. It is given the name golfers elbow because it is often seen among golfers. It is also common among climbers. They use their fingers to grip rocks. This puts immense forces on the fingers and their connectors in the forearm. This pressure on fingers is transmitted to the elbow which starts to pain. 
  • Arthritis of the elbow joint : If arthritis strikes the elbow, it can create severe pain in moving the hands and doing simple tasks. 
  • Pinched nerve : The elbow is quite prone to nerve entrapment. A pinched nerve in an elbow causes tingling and electric shock like sensation in the whole hand from the arm to the wrist. Sometimes, one may trigger this location unknowingly. 
  • Injury to the hand and awkward twisting can cause sharp pain in the elbow, like in fractures and tendon tear. 
The symptoms are quite different in each of these conditions. Elbow pain should not be neglected as it can aggravate over time. One should take adequate rest and break from routine work. The pain can be relieved with these methods : 
  • Visiting a physiotherapist : Elbow problems can be mitigated slowly by doing the right set of exercises. One can consult a physiotherapist for help and guidance on the exercises that can heal damaged tissue, restore motion and most of all, relieve pain. 
  • Massaging the elbow can release nerve compression. It calms the muscles and tendons releasing pressure held by them. Once the nerve is released, pinched nerve pain would also subside. 
  • Elbow bands and wraps are specially designed products that support the elbow. One can take advice from a doctor on the correct product to be worn for relieving pain. 
  • Use Ice : It is often emphasized that ice should be applied to heal injuries. Ice really helps in relieving pain in the elbow due to any reason. 
  • Advanced treatment methods for elbow problems also exist. One of them is shock wave therapy. It works by sending waves to the internal structures through the skin. These waves may set the abnormalities that may have occurred. This is a non invasive process but it has some side effects. 
Surgery is the last option when nothing else works. Elbow pain is dependent on our daily activities and incorporating exercise can relieve the pain.