Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flank Pain Causes , Definition And Location

Flank Pain Causes , Definition And Location. Flank pain is the pain that is located in the side of the body, a region spanning from the ribs to the hip.The definition of flank pain is any pain that occurs in the flank region. This pain is often referred pain from some other organ in the body. Flanks themselves do not pain in general. But, flank pain can be really problematic making it difficult for the person who suffers from it. The common cause of mild flank pain and stiffness may be exercise, such as running. Sportsperson may develop this kind of pain.

Flank pain causes list : 

  • Due to the kidney : In most cases, flank pain is caused by the kidneys, which are located in the middle back region. There may be pain in kidney because of conditions like kidney stone, nephritis, and other kidney diseases. Kidney diseases are usually caused by infections and pain is often severe. It is transmitted to groin, back, shoulders and the flanks. 
  • Flank pain due to strenuous work or exercise : Sometimes, exercise or physical work may be quite stressful for the body. This stress is borne by the muscles and other structures like tendons and ligaments. This can cause pain in the flanks. People who perform high intensity sports or activities, like stunts, skiing, dance etc may also feel this pain. 
  • Tietze Syndrome : This is not very common but it is often very painful. Tietze syndrome is the name of inflammation of a particular set of cartilage in the rib cage. They cause pain that intensifies with breathing and is really sharp. The person may also experience other symptoms like panic and weakness. Many times, it can be confused with a heart attack. 
  • Muscle cramps due to reasons like dehydration and lack of electrolytes in the body cause flank pain. This condition may occur in very hot and humid climates. 
  • Shingles is a skin condition in which rashes appear on the body. These rashes cause pain.
  • Urinary Tract infections or UTI can also refer pain to the flanks. 
  • Flank pain may be caused by pinched nerves in the spine. Major nerves emerge from spinal cord which is enclosed within the backbone. A pinched nerve which passes through the flanks can cause sharp pain that seems to travel as a flash. 
  • Cancer or tumor in the body can also lead to pain in the flanks. 
  • An enlarged spleen can cause severe pain in the upper left abdomen which is very close to the left flanks. 
Treatment for flank pain : The pain may be treated if the real cause behind it is known. Therefore, a diagnosis is necessary. There are many more causes of flank pain than the above stated common causes. However, one can reduce the pain using home remedies. 
  • Eat fruits that replenish electrolytes ( sodium and potassium ) in the body. Fruits like banana provide enough of electrolytes. This prevents muscle weakness and fatigue. 
  • Massage the whole region, including the back. There are many types of massage with various techniques involved. All of them provide comfort and release stored stress in the structures. 
  • Exercise often : People who exercise after long gaps may feel this kind of pain repeatedly. So, exercise should be made part of daily schedule. 
If these do not have any effect, then it is probably because of a more serious cause and specialized treatment for that disease should be undertaken.