Monday, June 3, 2013

Tailbone Pain Causes And Relief

Tailbone Pain Causes And Relief. Tailbone pain is the pain in the lowest region of the back. This condition is known as coccydynia because it refers to pain in the coccyx ( also the tailbone ). It is pain that emerges from the tailbone which is the last vertebral column in the spine. The pain is often caused by putting pressure on the bone for longer periods of time. One of the common causes of temporary tailbone pain is due to excessive cycling. The seat of a cycle puts pressure on the tailbone and may lead to slight deformation in the tailbone.

Tailbone pain causes : There are not many causes of tailbone pain.

  • Pain due to injury : The tailbone is highly susceptible to injury. One may injure it during a fall or strike with a heavy object. The pain heals very slowly over the course of months. In some people, the pain may recur after long time, even after years have passed to that injury. 
  • Pain due to repetitive work : People who do strenuous physical work may have to deal with coccyx pain. Sportsperson may also have to face tailbone pain. 
  • Due to weakness in the spine : The tailbone itself is made of few smaller segments and as such is quite flexible. But, if the connection between these elements loses its flexibility, the tailbone may distort and become less flexible. This leads to pain only in certain kind of motion. 
  • Continuous pain in the tailbone may be because of arthritis or referred pain from close by vertebrae or the sacroiliac joint. Pinched nerves in the neighboring region can create shooting pain and burning sensation. 
  • Incorrect posture : People who sit in a way that bends the lower back vertebrae too much may have to deal with coccyx pain. Sitting on hard and rigid surfaces can aggravate the situation. 
  • Too much cycling : People who cycle a lot are at risk of developing this condition, particularly while riding in bumpy areas. 
  • Constipation forces a person to strain while emptying the bowels. This puts pressure on the surrounding region, including the tailbone. People who have chronic constipation may also have tailbone pain. 
  • Tailbone may also happen during pregnancy due to added weight and shift in the center of gravity of the body. In some women, the pain stays after pregnancy. 
What to do for relief from tailbone pain ? 
The first measure should be to take rest and allow the tailbone to heal itself. These are the things that one should pay heed to. 
  • Invest in a soft cushion and use it to sit on. A cushion supports the lower back and coccyx gently and relieves much of the pain. 
  • Lay face down on the bed and keep the body straight and relaxed. Sleeping in this posture can release tension or stress accumulated in the coccyx. 
If the tailbone pain is not excruciating, one can relieve it with simple exercises at home. These are some exercises for tailbone pain relief
  • Palms to feet stretch : Lie down with feet straight. Rise the upper body only and touch the feet ( or big toe ) with your palm. Make sure to put a cushion under the coccyx. 
  • Knees to chest : Lie down and keep your legs straight. Now, fold the legs up and bring knees close to the chest. Encircle the legs with the hands and raise the legs a little more. This exercise stretches the lowermost vertebrae and relieves tailbone pain. 
If the tailbone pain continues to trouble, one should visit a physiotherapist.They can probe the bone for irregularities and suggest exercises to correct the problem. The same can be done by a person who performs spinal manipulation. Supplement this treatment with massage at home with any natural pain relieving oil, generally lavender essential oil mixed in olive oil. It relieves the entire back. 

If you have been working for long hours in front of computer and you suspect that tailbone pain may be because of that, then there is a nice remedy for it. Eat grapes because they improve blood flow to the back. As more blood flows to the lower back region, blood would automatically provide nutrients to the vertebrae and the skin for relieving the pain. 

If none of these methods, then one may have to visit a doctor and get it diagnosed.