Saturday, July 13, 2013

Arthritis Pain Relief Using Natural Home Remedies

Arthritis pain relief using natural home remedies. Arthritis is a disease that affects millions of middle aged and elderly people in the world. It affects both men and women. The disease causes strange pain in the joints which feels like a grinding sensation. There is increased friction between the bones at the joint because the lubrication at the joint deteriorates. In severe cases, the joint may disintegrate and bones may not be properly aligned at all, leading to deformity. This disease leads to depression in people because they constantly fear the terrible pain it causes.

Arthritis pain relief should be top priority of people who are suffering from arthritis. There are many conventional and few ancient herbal remedies for arthritis. This disease has been troubling mankind since ancient times.

Arthritis pain relief using diet and natural home remedies.
It is known that all forms of arthritis ( there are nearly 100 types of arthritis ) are actually inflammatory disease. Inflammation is a body's reaction in which a part of the body becomes warm and has a burning sensation.

  • Eat a highly anti-inflammatory diet. This includes spices like cumin, clove, turmeric, cinnamon. Eat herbs like parsley, coriander, chevril, thyme and basil. Eat peppery things like black pepper, long pepper, chili pepper, capsicum and juniper berries. 
  • Eat fruits that have high anti-oxidant capacity. Eat blueberries, pomegranate, mulberry, pineapple, apple etc. 
  • Eat fish like salmon and cod. They contain a lot of nutrients ( like omega 3 fatty acids ) which are helpful in arthritis. 
  • Eat brazil nuts. They are a good source of selenium in diet which is helpful in reducing rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Drinking green tea few times a day can also be beneficial. 
Most people know many of these things. But the most important thing is to put them into practice. Including all these things in diet is sure to boost health and may also relieve arthritis pain considerably. 

Ancient herbal remedies for arthritis from around the world. 

Traditional Chinese remedy for arthritis : Acupuncture can provide relief for arthritis and may also reduce the bouts of severe pain. 

Ayurvedic remedy for arthritis : 
Apply mustard oil to the arthritic joint. A regular application of mustard oil is great for arthritis. It is a natural rheumatic oil. 

Cedar wood oil is also a natural oil that is known for helping in knee pain caused by arthritis. It promotes better health of the joint and facilitates movement. This tree grows in Tibetan region of Himalayas and is a local remedy for this condition. 

Native American remedy for rheumatoid arthritis : 
Prickly Ash is a small tree with berries which grows in America. Its berries and bark have been used since ages for arthritis. 

Ancient European remedy for Arthritis : 
Chamomile is a popular herb which is also helpful in Arthritis. One can take it in the form of herbal tea. 

Other remedies for arthritis which are worth a try are cucumber juice, cranberry juice, tying meat on the joint, Angelica herb, olive oil and applying turmeric on the joint.