Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coccyx Pain ( Coccydynia ) Relief, Causes And Treatment

Coccyx Pain ( Coccydynia ) Relief, Causes And Treatment. Coccyx pain is a feeling of pain in tailbone and the bones of the pelvic girdle. The bones that we sit on are called the sit bones. They are designed to take the load of the entire upper body, no matter where we are sitting. But, when we sit in a collapsed or sunken position, we actually sit on the tailbone or the coccyx. This wrong form of sitting is the main cause of coccyx pain.

Coccyx pain is also known as coccydynia. These are the major causes of coccyx pain :

  • Injury or fall on the tailbone. Many times we may fall down in an awkward position. This fall can injure the tailbone or the coccyx, leading to pain for a long time. 
  • Sitting on a hard surface in a reclined manner puts pressure on the coccyx. However, this is a habit of many people. This habit can lead to coccyx pain and in severe cases lead to chronic coccydynia. 
  • Improper selection of bicycle saddle makes the body rest on the tailbone instead of the sit bones. Riding a bicycle in this manner can obviously lead to pain in the coccyx. 
  • Injury in sports can also cause coccyx pain. 
  • Straining while defecation is known to affect the structures around the coccyx and lead to pain. This mostly happens to people who suffer from constipation and exert huge effort in defecating. 
  • A pinched nerve in the coccyx area can lead to sharp, burning pain in that region, including the pelvis and the groin. 
  • Genetic cause of coccyx pain : There are some inherent causes for coccyx pain. In some people, the last vertebrates of the tailbone does not perform as it should. There are minor deformities or dislocations in it when sitting, standing or bending forward or backward. This has to be evaluated using an X-ray. 
  • Bumpy ride also leads to coccyx pain. If you have been riding or driving through rough terrain or riding a horse, then such a pain can happen. 
Remedies and Home Treatment for coccyx pain : 
  • Sleep in face down position. This relieves the coccyx and helps it to recover while sleep. 
  • Visit a chiropractor to get minor deformities corrected. They are skilled at such problems and can provide relief from coccyx pain. 
  • Self massage with olive oil or any other good oil for the body can be helpful as it helps the body to heal any injury faster. 
  • Use a cushion to sit. This cushion elevates the sitting position so that there is hardly any pressure on the coccyx. 
  • Ice the tailbone. It is the last bony structure in the spine. This provides relief from chronic pain in the coccyx. It also helps the body to align any dislocations in the internal structures, like ligaments, tendons and nerves. Rubbing ice on the skin can help reduce internal swelling and relieve a pinched nerve, thus providing relief from sharp, tingling pain. 
  • Measure the distance between your sit bones to properly plan the size of bicycle saddle.