Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

Myofascial pain syndrome is a mysterious condition that is not well understood. It is a pain that is felt in the muscles, generally a specific area of the body. It is believed that the pain occurs because of formation of knots in the muscle which act as trigger points. The symptoms of this condition is a continuous mild pain in a part of the body which often grows to be sharp and powerful. It can make the movement very difficult. The most common locations of myofascial pain are lower and middle back, shoulders and groin region.

The symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome ( MPS ) are : 

  • There is pain in a specific part of the body, like back, hips, groin, buttock, legs, arms, neck etc. It is a deep felt pain. 
  • The pain is localised, that is it does not spread to other parts of the body. If there are multiple muscle knots, they all may pain simultaneously. 
  • Upon touching and feeling the internal structures, one may identify stiff areas under the skin which are actually muscle knots. However, it is not easy to pin point the muscle knots. 
There are many treatments for MPS, but they all are limited and provide mild relief from the pain. Some alternative treatments may also work in relieving the symptoms of MPS and may even treat the condition. 

Alternative treatments for Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) : 
  • Stretching twice daily can be quite beneficial in this condition. It not only stimulates the muscles, but also the tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue ( Fascia ) in the body.This gentle exercise of the musculoskeletal system helps in relieving the pain of MPS. 
  • Posture correction techniques and procedures like Alexander technique can be helpful to people suffering from this condition. 
  • Yoga can also help in this condition. Yoga Asanas and poses are actually an exercise of the musculo skeletal system. However, avoid the Yoga poses which are strenuous as they may further irritate the muscle. 
  • Massage : A massage is really relieving in this condition. Massages with essential oils are relaxing and comforting. They help release tension stored in the body tissues and provide relaxation. 
  • Myofascial Release : This is a therapy which is very helpful in the treatment of Myofascial Pain syndrome. Myofascial release is a method of releasing the restrictions in the fascia ( the connective tissue ) of the body. When the tension is released, muscle knots unwind and depress ( become less prominent ). This technique is performed by many trained people in the world. One can visit such a trained therapist and get treatment for myofascial pain syndrome. 
Besides these alternative treatments, even home remedies and herbal remedies can be of help in this troublesome condition. Simple remedies like massaging the trigger points, applying a warm compress and sleeping in a more comfortable position can be helpful in this condition.
Taking a bath in warm water and Epsom salt is really very relaxing. Another herbal remedy is to put some mustard seeds in warm water and then take bath in that water.