Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shin Pain Due To Shin Splints And Other Causes Like Running

Shin pain due to splints and other causes. Shin pain is generally caused by excessive running. However, many of the symptoms of shin pain are quite confusing with other conditions of the leg and many times people conclude that their pain in lower leg is due to shin splints.

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Shin pain is a pain that is felt in the front (anterior ) region of the lower leg. The leg bone is at the front of the leg and can be felt just beneath the skin. At the back side and side of the lower leg are the muscles like the calf muscle. A sharp aching pain in the front of the lower leg is mainly shin pain due to a shin splint.

What are shin splints ? 
It is called a stress fracture. In simple terms it is just a fine fracture or a hairline crack in the leg bone due to repetitive stress. The main cause of stress of this magnitude can be due to regular running, skiing, mountaineering and other such activities that put large forces on the lower leg bone.
Once a shin splint occurs, it causes pain in nearly every movement, that is as soon as weight is put on the legs. It can cause pain even while walking and even at night.

Other causes of shin pain other than shin splints : 
  • Weaker circulation to the legs causes an aching pain. This kind of pain is mostly experienced by aged people because of PAD ( peripheral arterial disease ). It can also cause shin pain at night. 
  • Varicose veins in the lower leg can cause sharp shin pain. This pain is worse when standing after lying for some time. 
  • Compartment syndrome is a dangerous condition which can occur after an injury to the lower leg. If you have recently injured your lower leg and there are symptoms like pins and needles sensation, swelling on the legs and aching sensation even after days of relief. 
  • Flat feet is a condition of the feet in which the arch is flat. People with flat feet may experience pain due to stresses on the ligaments and tendons of the lower leg. 
  • Knee injury can lead to shin pain. 
  • Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bone density reduces. Then the bone becomes susceptible to stress fractures. 
Home remedies for relief from shin pain due to shin splints : 

Some exercises to help with shin splints. 
  • Walking on the toes : Just tiptoe around the house barefoot. This simple exercise can prevent shin splints and provide relief from an existing shin splint. 
  • Massage the lower leg using generous amount of olive oil. Slowly rub it into the skin all around the shin bone and even at the back of the lower leg down to the Achilles tendon
  • Apply arnica montana oil on the shin. This is a herbal remedy for this kind of pain. Arnica montana is a herb that has been used in Europe since Ancient times to cure many types of pain of the body. 
Shin pain due to shin splints can be prevented by wearing best quality shoes for running or other activity and avoiding running on hard surfaces like concrete, stone, gravel, asphalt and rocks.